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Boating 2 & 3

Boating Basics (PCOC) gets you out there, Boating 2 & 3 brings you back. Enjoyment and safety on the water require knowledge. Boating 2 & 3 will take you to the next level in your boating education. Technology has changed the way that we navigate. However, in order to use a GPS/chartplotter effectively, you should understand the use of paper charts and coastal navigation. The topics covered in this course; navigation, conning, plotting, magnetic compass, global positioning and charts, tides and currents, weather, anchoring, lines and ropes, etc., will increase your boating knowledge and make your adventures on the water safer and more enjoyable.

Detailed Table of Contents for Boating 2 and Boating 3 (pdf format from the Power Squadron National website)

Having the PCOC is not technically a pre-requisite for this course. But if you have not covered the PCOC materials, you will find some of the subjects difficult to follow. Note that the PCOC is legally a 'proof of competency' (see FAQ on 'What qualifications do I need' for more information on proof of competency). This course is not considered proof of competency as the exam contents reach outside Transport Canada's curriculum.

Suggested Prerequisite: PCOC (Boating Basics)
Date, Time and Location Check our Calendar of Events
Duration 1 night a week for 13 weeks,
Normally 1830 - 2100 on Wednesday nights
Cost: $375.00 *
Instructors: The Best!

* There is a surcharge for late registrations, as we have to pay higher shipping for last minute course materials. Contact the Training Officer for details.

There are discounts available for second family members (one set of books per family) and for members. Contact the Training Officer for details.

Also, if we don't get enough applicants early on to cover the hall rental, we will need to cancel the course. So please register early.

2024 Spring course schedule (PDF format).

Successful completion of the examination(s) at the end of the entire course will provide each student  a discount on first year's membership and all its associated benefits in CPS and the squadron. This also qualifies you to take the advanced courses.

You can register for the course by completing and submitting an Application form (PDF format), or please contact our Training Officer for more information.